Joe’s Inn

Joe's Inn

Hello RVA! I’ve got my first @RichmondVida picture up on Instagram. Joe’s Inn is a favorite spot of mine and is popular with all kinds of RVA folks.

It’s located in the heart of the Fan District at 205 N. Shields Ave.
Check out the website:

My favorite foods to order are the mini Greek salad, the grilled chicken sub, Spaghetti a la Rud, and hotcakes for breakfast.

Happy Hour is amazing! The bar is always packed and lively. The HH goes from 3-6PM and there are lots of bargain discounted brews available (hellooo Bells Two Hearted Ale!)

Great spot, great people 🙂


First, a Disclaimer

I’ve never had a blog, never been on WordPress before, don’t even really know what I want to blog about and… well, I think all that appropriated making a disclaimer my very first post.

Still!  For those of you reading this, I have lived in Richmond, Virginia for two years now and I’m eager to share all the awesome people, places, and things that are here.  I am an avid picture-taker (not a photographer, more like a “food obsessed person with a smart phone”) so be sure to check out the up and coming @RichmondVida Instagram account. I’m also prone to wise cracks and hilarious re-tweeting so check out the up and coming @RichmondVida Twitter account too.

Richmond Vida = The Richmond Life, Life in Richmond, etc.