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First First Friday

Bring cash.

Dear Richmond,

Last Friday, April 4th, was my first visit to Richmond’s “First Friday”

What is a First Friday?

According to http://rvafirstfridays.com it is a “year round art walk, featuring the shops, galleries, restaurants, and organizations in the Arts District of Richmond, VA.”  (For more info contact rvafirstfridays@gmail.com)

…There’s an “Art District” in RVA? Didn’t know! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arts_District,_Richmond,_Virginia

What IS a First Friday? 

Starting nearish the VCU Monroe Park campus and going for a stretch in the Downtown direction on W. Broad St. are a handful of small art galleries which participate in a public gallery walk the first Friday of every month from 5 PM – 9 PM.  The public is invited to peruse featured art exhibits all of which are creations by Richmond area artists themselves… I think.  

On both sides of W. Broad St. crowds of people mull around the sidewalk, going in and out of the galleries and buying food from food carts lining the street.  This is mixed with moseying around retail booths that sell a variety of goods all of which are locally made and produced… I think.  

There is also a conglomerate of musicians performing here and there, all of which are Richmond folks themselves… I think.

All that, plus packed restaurants and happy people, make up a social event in Richmond called First Friday.


I will see you again on May 2nd, First Friday.  Next month I’ll bring cash, come prepared to spend some money, and maybe even plan to have a little dinner before or after soaking in the crowd, art, and music.  It will be a great date night!

 All the best,


First Friday


Blog House-Keeping Note


Thank you so much for the comments and the interactions and for showing your appreciation for me and this lil ol’ RVA blog.  Truly, thank you.

However, I am having a hard time figuring out how to follow other blogs on WordPress.com and how to reply to comments the “right way,” and all other things that come with learning a new website.

If you have interacted with me and I have not yet returned the gesture, please know I know who you are and the love is coming!

Have a great day in beautiful RVA!

New post coming this weekend…



My Stats

I started this blog yesterday with the broad goal of bringing my positive experiences with the people, places, and things of Richmond, VA to the internet.

I am thrilled with positive feedback and followers who have reached out to me in just one day!


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Thank you RVA!

Anna Leigh