#RVA on Twitter

#RVA on Twitter

Cheers to all of you Richmond, VA people, restaurants, businesses, news stations, and bloggers (like me) who make up the massive RVA social networking community.

Pleasure to connect ❤

Anna Leigh, #RichmondVida


Walks in The Fan

Walks in The Fan

Dear Richmond,

I do so love walks in The Fan District here in Richmond, VA. There is so much to see, both beautiful and hilarious. The neighborhood is brimming with character.

Spring is upon us and I could not help myself and just had to “stop and smell the roses” (aka “take a picture of flowers”) I saw these yellow, yellow daffodils poking their little heads out of a white picket fence and just loved life. Funny how it’s the little things, isn’t it?

Are you new to Richmond and don’t know what I’m talking about when I say “The Fan”?

Check out The Fan District Association web page (I’m a member!):

Read about the history of The Fan (and what a history it has too):

…and here’s the area map so you know just where to go for a lovely walk:

Have a wonderful day everyone, and be sure to stop and smell the roses.

Anna Leigh

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Joe’s Inn

Joe's Inn

Hello RVA! I’ve got my first @RichmondVida picture up on Instagram. Joe’s Inn is a favorite spot of mine and is popular with all kinds of RVA folks.

It’s located in the heart of the Fan District at 205 N. Shields Ave.
Check out the website:

My favorite foods to order are the mini Greek salad, the grilled chicken sub, Spaghetti a la Rud, and hotcakes for breakfast.

Happy Hour is amazing! The bar is always packed and lively. The HH goes from 3-6PM and there are lots of bargain discounted brews available (hellooo Bells Two Hearted Ale!)

Great spot, great people 🙂